Lighting Advisor

Lighting Advisor
  •  Want to see how much you could save when switching to LED?
    Energy Saving Calculator Save With Pharox LED Calculate savings that you can enjoy by simply replacing conventional bulbs
    with eco-friendly and energy efficient LEDs.
    • Number of Bulbs
    • Incandescent Wattage
    • CFL Wattage
    • LED Wattage
  •  Not sure what LED light can fit different fixtures inside your home?
    • Table Lamp
    • Celing Fan
    • Wall Sconce
    • Vanity Strip
    • Ceiling Fixture
    apollo Ornate
    apollo candlux
    apollo Ornate candlux Fresh
    apollo Ornate Gu10-Jewel
    apollo Ornate candlux
  •  Want to get customized LED lighting soluions for your home?

    Get in touch with our lighting advisor to get personalized information. Fill up the contact form and we will call you ASAP.